Tour of the Month

The granddaddy of them all!

As the Summer of Love winds down, we'd like to remind that while the Haight-Ashbury was the spiritual center 50 years ago (and still is, in many ways), it's only one piece of the great mosaic that is San Francisco. Instead of diving in for a Flashback feast, try the combo platter.

The Whole Shebang is our special Tour of the Month for September. This FOOT! favorite developed out of our original tour from way back in the 1900s, and it has changed over time, just like the City herself. Sign up and you'll get automatic discounts when you purchase your tickets here. And bring your friends: the tour is a lot more fun when there are others tagging along.

Learn how the City began, how it boomed as a boom town and burned during the Great Earthquake and Fire, all the innovations that made it the quirky place that it is . . . plus much more. If you're looking for a combo platter that samples different neighborhoods and eras that make San Francisco who she is, this is it!

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